Diametre 122cm

Beeswax, oil on wood

Drawing and carving on wax reflects etching of presence on an ever-shifting landscape. The relentless march of time and the nuances of climate change quietly assert their influence, holding the final sway over a politicized terrain.



Beeswax, tree barks, canvas, oil sticks, wood metal frame.


The artwork's horizontal division mirrors nature's inherent dichotomies, portraying land, fluidity and space as a symbol of stability and boundless potential.

Interval 1


Mixed media on paper



Diametre 85cmx2

Linen, acrylic, tree barks, perspex, metal frame

The transparency woven into the space serves as an opening between Annabell Ng and her audience. This site-specific installation invites viewers to immerse themselves in the surroundings, allowing them to step into the realm of her composition. Within this experience, one can discern and appreciate the subtle equilibrium between reality, landscape and inner thoughts.



Mixed media on wood




Carvings and oil paintings on Wood, window frames, perspex.

The duo windows implied as binocular vision embody perimeters of consciousness, allow luminous emittance or luminous existence to passage through. The distinct frames embedded on each window confines interspaces of her thought process from perceptible reflections from the daylights.

Luminous matter

Microscopic examination of lab equipment and slides unveils layers of diverse organisms, illuminating the rich biodiversity within our shared environments. This exploration not only exposes the hidden intricacies of minute life forms but also aids in understanding their roles and interactions, contributing to our broader comprehension of ecosystems and balance.

Variable dimensions

Lab glassware, insects and plants specimen on glass slide, perspex, ceiling lamp.




Preserved plants, glass, mirrors, wood


The essence of this work lies in the botanical ties that forms a link spanning past, present, and future generations. Each leaf, imbued with symbolic meanings, weaves a sense of continuity and belonging to the cultural identity and plant heritage.


Medium: Wood, tree barks, linen, natural pigment, pastel, canvas.

Measurement : 244cmx122cmx8cm 2023


Metal, wood, oil stick, acrylic, paper, fabric




Wood, metal, rotating motors, switch, metal string.



Record Player

Wood, redio components, LED, metal, fabric.

330cmx57cmx42cm 2020


Concrete, wood, acrylic




Medium: black metal, wood, perspex, graphite on rice paper, acrylic,

transfer images on wood.

Measurement : 234cmx239cmx92cm

Notations noted down Malaysia's indigenous communities, incorporating dance, storytelling, and the rhythmic sounds of natural crafted instruments like seruling- bamboo flute into pages of prints and multi layered drawings on rice paper.

Garden of memories

The artwork encapsulates the essence of diverse cultures through preserved plants encased in glass vessels. Each botanical specimen serves as a poignant symbol, connecting together tapestry of cultural identities from various locales. This conceptualization conveys notion of time and experiences memorialized, preserved to evoke sense of collective remembrance.

Interactive sound installation composed of abandoned clay roof tiles

during the Open Gate Asian Sound Research experimental sound

collaboration with the Japan foundation. 2015

Konstrukt bamboo public installation 2016


Switches, wood, electric power points, electrical cables

Variable dimensions 2016


Switches, wood, motion sensor, sound recorder, microphone.

Variable dimensions 2016


Switches, perspex, wood, lightings, electrical cables, converter.

Variable dimensions 2016

Annabell Ng


Annabell's works weave together the changes in natural environment, lifestyle patterns with stories. By exploring the cultural characteristics, customs, and traditions of the surrounding environment, she uncovers indigenous cultural elements rooted in the mysterious tropical rainforest.

The flora and fauna growing around her are bridges to the mysterious wisdom.

In her works, there are many fundamental elements collected and combined from nature; from their specimenization, reflected in the form of visual art, embodying the concepts of reality, truth, and knowledge. This presentation reflects the process of life and growth; where life and growth symbolize time. Annabell uses the concept of collecting different "times" to showcase the rhythm of life and time.

In addition to graduating from the Fine Arts department, Annabell studied music since childhood. Some of her works naturally incorporate the concept of musical scores. Her sculptures combine photography, painting, natural materials, etc., overlapping subtle cultural symbols and elements with on-site documentation and scenes.

Annabell's painting often starts from a binary form; using the "unity of two" as the main symbol of creation; this symbol metaphorically represents the balance between space and the natural environment, drawing unconscious marks between familiarity and belonging. Memories are transformed into abstract forms in her paintings, utilizing layers of wax preservatives and solidifying liquids as the primary media.


周遭生長的動、植物對在馬來西亞長大的她來說是給人們通往神秘智慧的溝通橋樑;象徵生長的自然生態, 與民間傳統、文化有著息息相關的故事。



黃畇綺的作畫多由二元形式開始;以"合二為一" 的形式作為主要的創作的符號;這種符號隐喻著空間和自然環境的平衡,在熟悉和歸屬感之間畫下無意識的記號。畫中將記憶轉化為抽象形式,利用蜂蠟的防腐、固化液體的層次效果作為主要媒體。


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